6th, 7th & 8th December 2019


Creating unforgettable experiences for visitors and property owners, Lantic Bay Holidays brings something new to the Fowey lettings scene. A trio of holiday property experts, Derek, Louise and Pauline, sharing a love for Fowey and south east Cornwall, want to help people find more than just a place to stay; they want to help them find a home that will form the core of a long-anticipated holiday or break.

Getting to know each client (whether a guest or a property owner), taking the time to advise them on what will truly suit them is at the core of what they do. With delight in sharing our insiders’ knowledge to help visitors discover the area’s hidden beauty spots and local haunts, while giving property owners the advice and insight they need to achieve their long-term objectives.

If you live in the county, long for the coastal life in Cornwall or simply want to read about this beautiful part of England then Cornwall Living is the magazine for you. You too could be living the “Ultimate Lifestyle by the Sea” experiencing Cornwall’s many and varied eateries, seaside getaways and beautiful properties – the natural choice for everyone who has a passion for Cornwall Living.


The Fowey Christmas Market is brought to you by The Port of Fowey Chamber of Commerce. They aim to bring together local businesses so that they can work together on matters that affect them all.  There focus is on doing those things that are better done collectively, rather than by businesses working individually.

Their goal is to support the development of a vibrant and sustainable business community.  They do this by:

Encouraging networking and discussion. We hold regular networking events, such as our regular Curry Club evenings, and by holding bi monthly Chamber meetings (all members are welcome to attend these and we publish the agenda and minutes). Chamber committee members are also always keen to help and support new and existing businesses by providing information and listening to concerns. We will also be offering a series of educational events where members can learn new skills that will support their businesses

Raising the profile of the town and bringing in visitors. Our main focus is on organising the Christmas Market and the Summer Big Gig Event. But we do other things as well, such as sponsoring the town map

Representing our members where there is an issue where we can be of help. High on our agenda for issues that need to be addressed are parking, traffic and town signage and we are looking for volunteers to take the lead in tackling these areas

We work with other organisations in the town such as the Town Council, Fowey Forum and Regatta Committee to ensure that our activities are properly coordinated.

We rely completely on volunteers – so if anyone wants to get involved (either on a specific project or issue, or in the general running of the Chamber), then they should contact any of the Chamber committee members, using the contact details below.