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8th, 9th & 10th Dec 2023

Curio Spirits Company – Coyaba Rum

Get Your Fiesta On!

Born in the Caribbean, raised in Cornwall, Coyaba is a small batch spiced rum made in a clifftop distillery on the Lizard Peninsula.

Coyaba Rum started its life in the Caribbean, namely Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, to reach the wild shores of  Cornwall and the  Curio Distillery, where it is blended, spiced and flavoured naturally.

The idea for the range came from it’s creator William Tyler-Street who wanted to create a range which was synonymous with the Caribbean and Cornwall but not with the done to death pirates and smugglers. A new rum and a new concept, funky, fun and tasty.

Most popular is Coyaba Spiced Banana – this bangin’ rum smacks of banoffee pie, with added spicy cinnamon and vanilla kick, it packs a punch with ginger ale and a wedge of lime.

New to the range is Coyaba Salted Caramel, with real flakes of Cornish Sea Salt to give it a true tasting twist, it’s best served neat with ice to get the magnificent richness of toffee. Another newbie is Coyaba Tropical mango, just what’s need for Christmas cheer! Sweet, fruity, spicy and great for some fun tiki cocktails.

I think you’ll agree that just hearing about it is mouth-wateringly tempting. You can buy this wonderful product through their website!

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